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Islamic Geometric Patterns (2019 edition, signed by author)

The ultimate sourcebook and practical guide to Islamic geometric patterns, now updated with seven new step-by-step compositions.

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1 review for Islamic Geometric Patterns (2019 edition, signed by author)

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    Some Five Star reviews from Amazon:

    “I cannot recommend this book enough, I cant draw to save my life and have lost every game of pictionary i have ever played! but with this book I began to dray the most amazing and beautiful geometric designs from the get go!”

    “I’ve had so much fun with this book. There are a range of patterns described, some easy to complete while others take the concentration of a Jedi. I’ve enjoyed doing the basic patterns and then following the advice of the author by adding colour and flowers etc. I find this sort of art absorbing and relaxing – a great way to unwind.”

    “The best book to use for reconstructing seemingly complex patterns. Having so much fun using this book with my own research. You dont have to follow each pattern in turn. I started off learning how to create the square, the octagon and then the Rub el Nizb before doing the Cappela palatina and the rashid al din design . fully recommend this book and all his books.”

    “Best book I’ve ever purchased for geometric patterns! Different difficulties in terms of patterns too inside with a step by step!! 100% buy it!!”

    “An excellent book written by someone how knows their field and is passionate about the subject.”

    “This book is great fun and also gives a fascinating insight into how medieval designers worked. The reader is shown a series of complex geometrical designs taken from historical monuments across the Middle East, then shown how these patterns are made – and how to make them! All you need is a compass and a ruler, so I should warn that it’s dangerously addictive. Star polygons will never seem the same again…”

    “Beautifully laid out and produced and the content clearly presented with crisp, clear illustrations. Exactly what I’d hoped for.”

    “Eric Broug’s book is the best place to begin studying the geometric basis of Islamic design, one of the world’s great art traditions. There are a number of other good books on this subject that are worth having, but Broug’s book is the place to start for those who want to actually develop the ability to make these patterns themselves, and who are not satisfied with just looking at examples of great deigns. This book gives the foundation, and is the place to start.”

    “Broug begins his book with an explanation of the basic structures used in most Islamic pattern design, and then demonstrates, clearly, how to construct these basic structures with a compass and straight edge. The rest of the book presents a series of Islamic designs, taken from some of the most outstanding historical examples, and presents them by proceeding from the most simple constructions to the more complex. With each new pattern Broug starts by giving some historical background to the source in which the design is found. The explanations for constructing the patterns begin by referring back to the particular basic structure (previously demonstrated at the beginning of the book) on which that design is built. From the basic structure, Broug then explains how the design is developed through a series of easy to understand steps. Eric Broug is an excellent teacher of his subject, and everything is presented with clear and easy to understand explanations. If his explanations are followed carefully, the student will never feel confused and will never feel lost.”

    “The intricacies of Islamic designs are simplified and explained so that anyone can translate them into their own personal projects. Brought has dissected classic motifs from notable Muslim monuments so that artists can interpret them to their personal designs. And added plus is the CD with a gallery and printable forms to use for your own work. It’s a delightful book. Exciting and easy to use.”

    “This is a book I will treasure! With a compass and straightedge it is possible to replicate all of the beautiful designs in the book. I use hot press smooth watercolor paper and a waterproof pen so that I can paint the design afterwards. Highly recommend!!!”

    “This book is amazing. Clear, beautifully illustrated instructions for making Islamic geometry. If you want to learn how to make these patterns, as opposed to looking at pictures of them, this is book to get. For the price it’s an incredible deal.”

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