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Are you a designer, artist or craftsperson? Do you want to offer your products to a global audience? Then offer your products on BROUG’S.

Our strong social media presence on various platforms means that we can reach large audiences. Our online marketing activities push products to the right target audiences. We curate everything we sell and promote, so you can be sure that your work and products are in good company.

How does it work?
Send us high quality photos of your work. If we think it is a good fit for our shop, we will list it for free. You set the price. If it sells, BROUG’S takes 35%. You send the product or work of art directly to the buyer. We arrange shipping from your studio to the client, wherever in the world they live. The client pays for shipping. All you have to do is package it, tell us the weight and dimensions  and put a label on it that we wil email to you. We pay you once the buyer has received it. Simple!

Get in touch with us if you’d like to know more. If we think your products and work would be a good fit, we can work together. Email us on info@broug.com.